Imagine nice cool weather and leaf piles on the ground. These are just some of the fun parts of fall However, have you ever wondered why fall weather is so special?

Fall weather occurs during the fall equinox. The same is true for Springtime weather as well. During the fall, weather is fairly cool, but then there are equinox sometimes when it could be warm like summer. Fall also occurs, as the northern part of the world, which we live in starts to slowly tum away from the sun. That is why you don’t get all this nice weather as you do in summer. As I said sometimes there could be a warm day, but for the most part fall is like a cool part of the year.

Summer activities you can do in fall include taking nice pictures with the multicolor leaves and jumping in piles of leaves that are raked. There are lots of people who take advantage of all of these multicolor leaves and take all these nice pictures of fall and kids usually enjoy jumping around in leaf piles.  I myself will admit it is very satisfying. Kids usually also throw leaves at each other. Now most people, who live in America, know of fall as something that everyone would get. However, some places in the world don’t even get the season fall. Like if you go north to places like  Canada  and  Alaska,  it’s  basically  tundra  and  evergreen  forests  there. Therefore, now that you understand that, we Americans should treat fall as a privilege, because not everyone experiences all of this fun.

I know this because we had an experience recently where we captured a bunch of beautiful fall family pictures. Moreover, what’s beautiful about pictures in the fall is that you can catch the colorful leaves in your pictures. And all of these colors in some places cannot be experienced in places like Alaska. In evergreen forests, you won’t find these beautiful colors, because evergreen trees do not shed their leaves.

Ultimately, I think we ought to thank God for these moments. Because it is God who created the gorgeous colors of fall. Therefore, I encourage you to catch a glimpse and make some lasting memories with your loved ones while praising God for His amazing and spectacular creation!