About us

This is  Karthik Rajaram, son of Bro. Rajaram Ramachandran and Sis. Vimla Rajaram and I came to know about Jesus Christ from a staunch Brahmin background. My mother Sis. Vimla Rajaram was the first person to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in the family. God revealed Himself to her in a vision and she confessed all her sins before Christ and accepted Him as her personal Savior in life.

My father, Bro. Rajaram Ramachandran was a superstitious person who desired to go to heaven without taking multiple rebirths. He was on the pursuit of a Guru who could lead him to heaven. At that time, Sis. Vimla was expecting their third child. She requested her husband Bro. Rajaram to accompany her to a Gospel Meeting in Chennai. With the sole intention of fulfilling the wish of a pregnant lady, he took her to the meeting which was conducted by Jesus Calls in October 1975. In that meeting, God spoke through Late. Dr. DGS Dhinakaran’s life testimony and touched my father, Bro. Rajaram and he gave his heart to Christ in the very same meeting. I gave my life to Jesus Christ to accept HIM as my personal Savior in a meeting conducted in Chennai when I was 15yrs old. I started serving the Lord through my talents and while working in Mumbai was able to lead a gospel music group to reach the youth.

My wife, Ranjani Karthik, also came to accept Jesus Christ from an orthodox Hindu Brahmin background. In her family also, her mother Sis. Kamala Srinivasan accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Amidst the chaotic situation in her life, Jesus Christ met Sis. Kamala in her dream and directed her to His word to find an everlasting solution to all her confusions. When she read the Word of God, she felt joy and peace filling her heart and found the true God whom she longed to worship. And through her prayers, God touched her husband Bro. Srinivasan Rangachari and their two children and made them His own.

Sis. Ranjani personally gave her life to Christ when she was 17 years old and started serving God in India as part of ‘Transformers Youth Club’, Jesus Calls. God revealed to her the exact details about her marriage and future life partner in a detailed way through various dreams and visions and fulfilled them exactly in her life.

We were united in marriage in the year 2003 and ever since God has been using us both mightily for His glory. We both serve the Lord through praise & worship, preaching the Word, intercessory prayer ministry and personal counseling.

God continues to use us in many parts of USA. We have ministered through the powerful testimony God has given us and lead people to Worship the Lord with music and singing and also by sharing encouraging messages through the Word of God. We are also actively involved in bringing the city and Nation together in intercessory prayers for transformation of community, partnering with other Pastors and world leaders.

From the year 2010, God took us to the next level of His glorious ministry. God specifically spoke to us through Isaiah 40:31 to start a Non-Profit Ministry titled ‘Soaring High International Ministries’. He opened mighty doors to minister through the web through our radio programs titled ‘Soaring High’.. We have ministered through various Gospel Satellite radio stations to literally millions of people around the globe. Many have been touched and blessed immensely by the messages from the Word of God and prayers. During the pandemic, God enabled us as a family to record Worship videos to encourage everyone and these videos have been a great blessing for many. God has raised many great testimonies for His glorious name through the ministry and Godly counseling.

In the year 2017 we went through challenging times. My wife Ranjani Karthik was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and had to go through chemotherapy. But through that journey God performed amazing miracle and raised a powerful testimony which you can listen. Through this journey, God has made us a blessing to many people who are going through their cancer journey. God is still working a miracle in Ranjani’s life.

We have been blessed with two children Abel and Caleb. We are based in Columbus, Ohio in USA. Today, we boldly testify just as how Joshua said, “…As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).

Our Worship videos are available here in YouTube.

Feel free to visit our website and introduce to your family and friends. Also, please send your prayers requests to us and we would be willing to pray and intercede for you at God’s feet.